Giant 310 Plate HHO Dry Cell - 50+ LPM

TT310 310 Plate HHO Dry Cell

This is the massive 310 plate HHO dry cell that can run both DC and AC, just depends on wiring configuration. This is the ultimate beast, capable of producing 40-50 LPM of HHO.

Technical Specifications:
19" long
12" width
8" Height W/Terminals
Surface area 11,160sq Inch

Production Capability 40-50 LPM Avg.

DC Power Consumption:
300 amp to 900 amp @ 12-14 Volts
30 Positive/Negative Series, 6 Series Per Row
10 Amps to 30 amp per series of +NNNNN-
Nominal operating range 18-25 Amps

AC Power Consumption:
5 120AC, 1 per row.
Recomend that the 5 be places on their own circuit with mininum 80 Amp 120 AC. 100 amps to be safe.

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