Global Renewable Energy Market - Size, Share, Trends 2013 - 2020

Global Renewable Energy Market - Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2013 - 2020
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Renewable energy is a non-depleting source of natural energy such as hydro energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, solar energy and waste biomass energy. Renewable energy market is driven by increase in demand for non-renewable depleting source of energy such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas. The market is also driven by increase in awareness about environmental safety and security. Global renewable energy market is influenced by cost of investment for the infrastructural setup. However, increase in technological advancement for utilizing these sources decrease the cost to some extent. U.S. government is investing in research and development of solar energy projects to avoid energy crisis.

Global renewable energy market is influenced by increase in demand from growing population that provokes them to search for alternative source of energy. However, governments in many developed countries are encouraging the application of non-depleting resources. The Renewable Energy Directive set European framework for promoting renewable energy consumption. This framework has targeted 20% share of renewable energy in the European energy market by 2020. This report provides in-depth intelligence about key regulation and guideline assigned for renewable energy consumption. This report provides market intelligence of key strategies adopted by key companies.

Key players engaged in this market include Danfoss Heat Pumps, DeLonghi-Climaveneta, Earth Energy Limited, Geothermal International Ltd (GI), Global Energy Systems and Technology, ICS Heat Pump Technology, Ideal Boilers, Keston Boilers, Mitsubishi Electric, TEV Limited


Market estimations in this report are based on primary and secondary data collected that provide market intelligence for taking developmental decisions
Analysis of key market drivers, restraints and opportunities in renewable source of energy market with recent examples of current trends
Key developmental strategies adopted by top market players engaged in this business to provide better understanding of potential opportunities and challenges in this market
The report provides for in-depth understanding of the market scenarios in various geographic regions so that key players can make plans to explore opportunities in specific regions
Value chain analysis in this report provides intelligence of supply chain involved in renewable energy market so that companies can take developmental decisions

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3.1. Market Definition and Scope
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3.2.1. Top Factors Impacting Long term evolution market
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