Graphitic Carbon Nitride - Hydrogen From The Sun

This is based on two research papers - "Developing an Iron-carbon nitride complex as photocatalyst with response to visible light" Yang et al and "Preparation and characterization of Metal-free graphitic Carbon Nitride Film Photocathodes for Light-induced Hydrogen Evolution" Yang et al if you want to check them out. Making g-C3N4 (Graphitic Carbon Nitride) is very easy. Just heat Urea to 550 degrees in a covered vessel and after 3 hours you will have g-C3N4 just sitting there. You need to wash it in nitric acid to get rid of any remaining ammonia and water after that until the pH is neutral but that's all. After that Making a doped complex is equally easy. Once you have done that you are ready to make a solar cell. Hope it helps.
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