Green Construction - Chris Mattock, Habitat Design & Consulting

Chris Mattock has an architectural degree from the University of Washington in Seattle and 30 years’ experience in design and consulting work in Canada, China, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, Mexico and the USA.

During that period he has been involved in the design and construction of numerous green / energy efficient / net zero / zero carbon new and retrofit residential and small commercial buildings as well as working on planning projects that incorporate sustainable community design principles.

Mr. Mattock has published several books on the topics of energy efficient and “healthy buildings” as well as co-authoring the several editions of the national R-2000 training manuals. Chris has taught over 400 training seminars on green building design, building science topics, healthy buildings, energy efficient construction and sustainable community design as well as various courses at the University of British Columbia School of Architecture, the University Of Washington College of Architecture and Urban Planning and the Architectural Institute of British Columbia.
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