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This is a replay of a live interview on the Money Info where to invest now show featuring undervalued small cap stocks to buy.

The August 11, 2015 show featured a live interview with green tech stock, International Sustainability Group, Inc. (stock symbol: ISGP) Chairman and algae production green tech developer Surajit Khanna and CEO Thomas J. Beener.

The International Sustainability Group, Inc. (ISG), a top green tech stock, is an innovative, publicly-traded green technology company focused on developing solutions and products that preserve the environment through sustainable living.

The corporate website is:

The (in our opinion top undervalued green technology small cap stock to buy) International Sustainability Group trading stock symbol is ISGP.

The green tech stock price quote and trading chart can be seen at:

Initially, ISG specialized in green energy audits, green engineering, design-build and life safety compliance. The company entered into the algae market through the acquisition of a patented indoor, commercialized algae development technology.

The acquisition broadened ISG’s green sustainable living solution which includes, but is not limited to, algae-based biomass, bio-oil, bio-plastic, carbon reduction and sequestration.

This created a unique market position for ISG along with a sustainable profitability strategy that is expected to lead to a substantial increase in revenues and profits in the coming years.

Algae consume vast amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) around the world as part of their daily diet, and thrive as the fastest growing plants on earth.

ISG believes that algae can thrive in unison with fossil fuel generation as a way to help offset man made CO2 emissions from cars, power plants and factories, and by working together with large industry, it can support a greener environment while providing unique and profitable solutions to large CO2 emitters.

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