ground mount solar panel diy

How to build a ground mount for your solar panels.
My four requirements...
-Tiltable. In new hampshire we are 70 degrees from vertical in the summer and 24 degrees in the winter. That is a huge swing!
-mostly made from home depot materials. The cross members are not but I'm pretty sure that superstrut could be used in its place.
-mount hardware is under panel to protect from elements
-cheap (the whole setup less than $276) not including panels etc.
The cross members were purchased on craigslist but are available from
My panels measure 39.5" x 66" and are 245 watt panels.
I had to take about 1/2 dozen trips to home depot to figure this out. It ends up that I didn't use the 1/2" hole that is 24 " from the end of the pipe.
A drill press probably will work just as well as the bridgeport mill for drilling the holes
Make sure that you get the 2" galvanized schedule 40 pipe and NOT the 2" galvanized conduit. The conduit has a thinner wall and will be less stable.
Superstrut is awesome. I have never used it before but if anyone watches this video I will document making many more creations out of this material.
Please ask questions! I want to help.
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