HERO iOn Concept Bike Hydrogen Fuel Cell

HERO iOn Concept Bike Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Continuing its unique product showcases, Hero Motocorp unveiled the Hero iON Hydrogen-fuel cell vehicle concept at the Auto Expo.
Using a new type of Lithium-Air batteries, the iON is powered by electric wheel rim motors which are fed power by these lithium-air batteries and a hydrogen fuel cell range extender. Super capacitors promise smooth energy flow for accelerating and braking the iON.
The Li-Air technology promises high energy density since they use oxygen from the air instead of storing in an oxidizer internally. The open wheels contain the rotor component of the hubless electric traction motors which use magnetic levitation technology that work on zero friction. The result is 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds, a top-speed of 160 km/h and a range of 300 km.
Further science fiction stuff can be found in the advanced suspension system, called the m-link. It utilizes magneto-rheological damping which adapts to the road condition in real time using several on-board sensors. These sensors continuously vary the power of the electromagnet that controls the damping characteristics of the suspension system.
The iON does not get a traditional steering. Instead, the bike steers through a rotating front and rear wheel. Multi-axis gyros and accelerometers maintain the stability at all times.
Lithium-air (Li-Air) is one of the many battery technologies that is currently being developed to allow EVs to travel further (and safer) on a single charge. Not yet available in production vehicles, though, they are being used in concepts, like the brilliant Indian-made Hero iON motorcycle that was recently unveiled at the Delhi Auto Expo.
Li-Air works by using oxygen from the surrounding air, without the need to store any internal oxidizer. In the case of the iON, it's also backed up by a hydrogen fuel cell range extender that we suspect works the same way the oneRenault is using in its HyKangoo test vehicles.
Hero MotoCorp on Wednesday unveiled a series of concept bikes -- Hastur, a 620 cc super premium street fighter motorcycle, iON, hydrogen-fuel cell powered two wheel vehicle, and SimplEcity, first light weight urban electric motorcycle from India, at the Auto Expo here.
Hastur will be the company's foray into the super bike segment.
The company also wants to drive in path breaking innovation in existing 100 cc range by introducing youth focused variants -- Splendour Pro Classic, India's first 100 cc bike with cafe racer styling, and Passion TR, India's first 100 cc on-off bike.
Visually, the first things you spot are the cool hub-less wheels and innovative suspension system called "M-link" which uses car-like magneto-rheological dampers (the iron filings tech); second are the joystick-like handlebars. You also begin to wonder how it's ever going to brake, with no disks, but that actually is taken care of bysuper-capacitors that use the electric motors for slowing down. "test drive" "world premiere" 2014 2013 2015 racing driving engine burnout f1 supercar sporscar startup "exhaust system" "motor trend" "car and driver" "autoblog" New Race Burnout Mercedes-Benz Lamborghini Ferrari Bugatti "Great Britain" UK "United States" America USA Hybrid "energy efficient" "electric car" "crash test""extremely fast" "fastest car" most expensive car" top review "in detail" dummy iihs "iihs crash test" "test results" exhaust sound startup "auto show" "motor show" nfs "need for speed" "top gear" 0-60 V8 V12 horsepower torque rpm sedan hydrogen fuel cell Hero iOn Concept Bike

Claimed performance figures are 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 5 seconds flat and a top speed of 160 km/h (100 mph). Range is reportedly 300 km (186 miles).
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