HHO Alternative Fuels (Hydrogen Car Kit) HHO Alternative Fuels

HHO Alternative Fuels (Hydrogen Car Kit)
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After search, personal experimenting and reading several studies I came to the conclusion that for best performance and fuel saving the most suitable mixture and quantity of HHO in l/min. to be added in a Dual fuel System is a ratio 0.7 : 1 or 1:1 of the Volume of the Engine in liters.

That means for an engine of 4,000 cc (4 L) you need 2.8 to 4 L/min HHO.

The next thing I had to do was to install one O2 sensor EXTENSION in order to regulate the air enrichment to the fuel demand.

Farthermore I placed a duble entry of HHO to the air intake and in such a position so that I could increase the entry streaming speed of the gas to the engine. Of course I installed also two nonreturn valves first to protect the circuit from any back fires but also to use the HHO gas only during the gas acceleration cycles.

I would also strongly recomend the installation of a droplets separator on the hose between HHO exit of the tank to the HHO entry at the air suction

Last but not least was to delete the memory of the central ECU of the vehicle so that the ECU could "learn" the new fuel/air operational conditions. In a big number of vehicles you erase the computer memory by disconnecting the Minus pole of the Battery for 4-5 hours or better overnight.

In some cases it is also recomended to install a HHO EFI CHIP Microprocessor configured for the specific vehicle.

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