HHO CELL 3.0 liters in 1 minute

HHO cell in a sealed cell design. Video two. This is the ultimate design secret given to all of you here on youtube. The electrolyte is sodium hydroxide at 3 teaspoons per 1.2 liters of distilled water. Sodium hydroxide runs cooler, won't eat your plates, runs clean, won't turn colors, won't color your plates, does not give off any harmful gasses, does not evaporate (just add more distilled water when needed). (Use distilled white vinegar to nuetralize sodium hydroxide in case you spill some on your skin, use gloves) This is a 10 cell unit that has the perfect 1.25-1.40 volt per cell hho production vs. amperage usage. This is the scientific target value in hho production. This is the smallest unit to produce this amount of hho. The electrolyte is completely encased within the electrical field to be ultra-efficient. The auto circulation/plumbing system is natural to the design of this hho generator and helps it to stay cool. This test is the second test after warm up. The electrolyte temperature is at 140 degrees in this test (and holding for 1&1/2 hr. total test time) and we are pulling 27 amps and producing 3 liters hho per minute. This test and the startup video are without PWM at 26 and 27 amps and the 3rd video is 2.75 liters per minute at 21 amps w/PWM. I have all the tools onboard to show and test the results which are displayed clearly on the video. I believe this is the most incredible HHO CELL GENERATOR on the net for cars. If i took two units i could produce 5 liters per minute at less than 45 amps. That beats anything out there especially for it's size. If you want one of these super hho cells that's been exclusively modified, write me. They are made from 18 gauge 316L stainless steel. The plates are stamped to maintain integrity of the stainless steels properties. I'm glad to give you the most important details in an hho cell design that will lead the future of all car hho cell designs.
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