HHO Cell Fuel Saver (Hydrogen Car Kit) HHO Cell Fuel Saver

HHO Cell Fuel Saver (Hydrogen Car Kit)
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This is a Report and my first impressions for the efficiency of the dual fuel Systems. That means with one conventional fuel (Gasoline, Diesel or Gas ) and hydrogen in internal combustion engines.

My Observations and actions to improve the systems may help mechanics but also DIY pioneers to achive better results.

After 10 months and after I have installed abt 28 HHO cells kits in stationery engines in heating burners in diferent passenger cars, as well as commercial vehicles and trucks I think that I have the knowledge and the experience to help any one who is interested to work with HHO systems .

I must admit that at the beginning I was sceptical and rather disappointed from the fuel saving results.

Though the performance had increased atbout 20% and in some cases up to 33% and the engines were running smoother (especially diesel engines) the fuel consumption was remaining the same or showing a saving of a tiny 3% !!

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