HHO Fuel Cell -Hydrogen Generator 143 miles per tank gained!

WWW.ECOHHO.COM My first attempt at a hydrogen generator. Fitted to my 1.7ltr Diesel Vauxhall Combo Van. On my initial test I found that my van was doing 35mpg before I fitted the generator. After fitting the generator and driving around town for a few hours I found that I was now getting an amazing 48mpg. That's an extra 13mpg - in an 11 gallon tank which is an extra 143 miles per tank! It only cost me about £30 to build! I was amazed. It is based on the designs over at: WWW.ECOHHO.COM I have adapted the design slightly by just elongating everything into a larger container so I can produce more HHO and so technically get more use from it. CHECK OUT THE PLANS NOW! WWW.ECOHHO.COM Thanks for watching
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