HHO Gas and Gasoline Professional Welding Machine Running a 5.5 Honda Engine 6-25-2013

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HHO Gas and Gasoline Professional Welding Machine Running a 5.5 Honda Engine 6-25-2013.
Danger, Danger DO NOT try this extremely dangerous if your machine Is not designed for this or you do not have knowledge of the dangers with mixed gas. "Highly Explosive."
This HHO Gas Machine is designed to run a Any Flammable Liquid Together with HHO Gas for Commercial applications.
During this demonstration was to prove that gasoline and HHO gas can run together through the same delivery line in a internal combustion engine efficiently. In our past videos running just HHO gas you have seen that the engine would not run at that rate of speed due to the HHO explosion and then implosion effect. Running HHO gas and a gasoline reduces the implosion effect. If this was to be done on a permanent basis running a bubbler and gasoline there would be issues running a bubbler system because after all the bubbles have extracted the high-octane gasoline you would be left with leftovers additives added by the refinery in the container holding the gasoline you would have to dispose of. In our future experiments we will be cracking the gasoline delivering it to the engine in vapor form on-demand delivery mixing at the intake through separate delivery system.
The only way that I have seen in my experiments is to run HHO gas efficiently only is compressing the HHO that is dangerously not recommended. The second option is that I have done in my experiments is compressing the air entering the engine similar to diesel engines and then adding HHO gas overcoming the implosion effect due to compressed air.
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