HHO Gas Machine 59 Liters Per Minute Heating Up Massive Thick Copper & Running Water Heater Burner

16 Hole Micro Burner for Sale on the Business Website.
(((UPDATE))) 2-22-2015 I now have the equipment together to build HHO Gas burners that will run 100% on HHO Gas only.
EP-500 Industrial HHO Gas Machine 59 Liters Per Minute
Heating Up Massive Thick Copper and Running Old Cast-Iron Hot Water Burner System.
Demonstrations 10-1-2014
The torch and tip that was used in this demonstration was Called a Rosebud that takes lots of gas used in heating large areas to perform Brazing or Soldering. This EP 500 has a flammable chemical bubbler designed for commercial Business applications to run 24 hours a day that is fully automatic. Interested Business Clients that need a quality machine for cutting steel, brazing, silver solder, welding, plasma cutting or any application that involves that needs heat or fire to perform work. In this video we were running 59 to 60 Liters per minute through the Commercial Grade Flashback Arrestors CG-200 and we actually seen it work for interested customers for serious HHO machines using mixed fuel with the HHO Gas. Our Flashback arrestors come with a 90 day money back guarantee. We recommend purchasing to flashback arrestors all the time due to the natures of HHO Gas having oxygen present is important to have two or more in line working together. Anyone that once one flashback arrestors shame on you your asking for the accident to happen.

Commercial Grade Flashback Arrestors available at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-items-HHO-Gas-Commercial-Grade-Flashback-Arrestor-for-Mixed-Gas-CG-200-/221555104736?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

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