HHO Generator or Joe Cell construction

How our HHO reactor is built.
How to make an HHO reactor or Joe Cell. Increase your Gas mileage.
HHO browns gas hydrogen free energy.Our reactor has 19 stainless steel washers for plates. They are wired + - + - + etc with no neutral plates. The washers have 1/2 inch aquarium air tubing running through their holes to maintain their spacing. We are using baking soda as an electrolyte adding about a spoon full to the water in the reactor.

HHO browns gas hydrogen free energy Joe Cell meyer renewable energy
HHO reactor or Joe cell.
New reactor core and good results.
A practical demonstration of brute force electrolysis to produce HHO or Browns gas an extremely flammable gas which can be used to run internal combustion engines like the ones in cars.
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