HHO Hydro Big Rig Truck Conversion

www.hydrotuning.NET for all HHO truck conversions.
Save an average of $500 dollars on fuel costs PER WEEK.

Get 50% more MPG on your semi.
The only working unit with NO hazardous waste, no harmful electrolyte, no brown toxic water, no hexavalent chromium,
just clean water and the highest powerful orthohydrogen gas for the most MPG gains possible.
When others get just 10-20% gains, we are getting 50% mpg gains with our maintenance free Hydro System.
Our HHO generators are from full activated titanium (the only one on the market), what uses less amps with more powerful orthohydrogen.
No one has true 50% mpg gains.
No EFIE needed.
Free of toxines and hazardous waste (the brown stuff in the water of others "manufacturers" is hexavalent chromium, what is very dangerous, it causes cancer and gene defects!!)

Also, our units don't shoot electrolyte into the air intake like others, what ruins the engine.

We are the only one with a UNLIMITED miles, 2year warranty!!!

email us at:
for further information, or to schedule an installation.

We custom make the box for your specs sizes and educate your staff.
Fleet discounts available!
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