HHO hydrogen fuel efficient machines top the latest test videos!(3-2)

HHO hydrogen fuel-efficient machines top the latest test videos!(3-2)HHO頂級省油氫氧機最新測試影片!(3-2)

424~470W最高能量 約424~470W=5.5~6.5L/m
經過一年休整,業界產氫量最大的HHO頂級省油氫氧機終於重現江湖了,經過細部調整,產氫量依然強大,更強勁了。 在氫氧機或省油器的領域,這是頂尖級,相當精密的專業產品,也是水能源技術簡易版的最佳示範!
我的部落格: http://blog.xuite.net/hkf0326/twblog HHO頂級省油氫氧機 歷經四年的開發與道路測試,分別在1200CC汽油小轎車以及3000CC柴油貨車上進行測試,第五年又加入了自動控制技術,以及各項的技術調整,產品已達到成熟階段,隨時可進行量產。


HHO hydrogen fuel-efficient machines top the latest test movie! (3-2)
Adjusted tests (including pre-adjustment)
424 ~ 470W maximum energy of about 424 ~ 470W = 5.5 ~ 6.5L / m
1/2 energy testing.
After a year of rest, the industry's largest hydrogen HHO hydrogen fuel-efficient aircraft finally top comeback, and after small adjustments hydrogen production is still stronger, more robust it. In the field of hydrogen or fuel-efficient, which is top-notch, very sophisticated professional products, water is the best demonstration of energy technologies Lite!
My Blog: http://blog.xuite.net/hkf0326/twblog
HHO hydrogen fuel-efficient aircraft top after four years of development and road tests, were tested on 1200CC 3000CC gasoline cars and diesel trucks, the first five years has joined the automatic control technology, as well as various technical adjustments, the product has reached a mature stage, ready for mass production.

Feng brother said: This hydrogen gas production is believed to be the industry's largest, I do not mean to Taiwan, but the world's top product comparison welcome!

Water Energy Technology Co., Ltd. salary peak current intention to look for investors, partners, or sell the product technology (HHO hydrogen fuel top machine).

Product Inventors: Huang Kuo-Feng
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