HHO on VW Caddy Pickup Truck 1.9L DIESEL & Ford 7.3L Diesel Truck

HHO on 1983 VW Caddy Pickup, 3rd engine, 420K miles, a new 1.9L Canadian AZZ diesel engine. So cool - NO SMOG equipment installed back in 83. NO ECM to stop getting extra mileage with HHO from WATER added. No fume sniffer O2 sensor. We are licensed to Sell Bob Boyce™ 1981 Sealed series H2O Cell Systems. We are only a few HHO companies who know how to make large% of ORTHO HHO, that gas that clings to carbon like glue, enhanced by longitudinal energy with mini toroids that capture this static energy all around us that charges magnets continually. Bob is a retired DOD scientist. 30 years of research behind these H2O Cell systems. Buy one today! Will last a lifetime. on running 5 amps is all you need to see 30%+ more mileage and stop that stinking diesel exhaust! Too bad C.A.R.B. don't like it, no need for a DEF filter. Join the future of mankind! Clean up the carbon by completing the burn in the cylinders resulting in the cleanest exhaust. Bob Boyce™ SMOG EXEMPT Technology.

Ice Block 77 Cell ON SALE $700.00 12/22/16 - http://www.hydrogengarage.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10&products_id=35&zenid=9a3a8e148157034f80db2cb2a540eb74

Special Bob Boyce™ Catalytic H2O technology. that produces 80%+ ORTHO H2O gas, the static form of H2O gas that clings to carbon like glue and then marries it. Completing the burn in the This 1998 Ford diesel, has no ECM to stop gains from cleaning up the exhaust, resulting in more HP and more TORGUE, and an increase in mileage by 30%. ( 10 MPG will now get 13.3 MPG) ( 15 MPG will now get 19.5 MPG) in USA. Countries will less refined diesel fuel you can except 50% better mileage, on 1.5L to 8.0L diesel engines. 12L and 15L diesels 10% to 23% better mileage.

See our results on a 2015 VW JettaTDI diesel - http://hydrogentrucker.com/carb.html


HHO on 1998 FORD Power Stroke DIESEL 7.3L

We installed a Hydrogen Garage 14/7 H2O Cell kit, it took 2 days.

14/7 IceBLock Cell ON SALE $800.00 12/22/16 • http://www.hydrogengarage.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10&products_id=34

Cell block gets mounted behind front bumper. Above cell is the Water Tank, above that a 5" clear/purple Dryer/Filter and OUT to a hose that goes into the air intake snorkel. We want the Hydroxy Gas to mix with the incoming air. CHECK OUT THE COMMERCIAL VIDEO : https://youtu.be/s2_mBL9Mctc We added a ebay purchased "turbonator" fan to the air intake snorkel behind the grill it spins and helps mix the hydroxy gas with the incoming air, the more mixing the better. Been installing these since 2007. Licensed to sell Bob Boyce™ 1981 gag ordered patent of his Sealed Series cell design, 7 plate, 60 plate and 100 plate. Most copy his patent of the sandwiched plates, gasket, plexiglass bolted together. He is NOT the type to in force his patent rights. Enjoy, learn more, not taught in schools.

Your O2 sensor is really a fume sniffer, it does not sense oxygen at all?  Go read about it. http://hydrogengarage.com/o2.html
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