HHO Over Unity again "analog meters" Pt 1

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See Rosemary Ainslie circuit & aaronmurkakami videos for additiona info....l There was a question raised about both analog and digital meters missing some of the harmonics of the waveform. I am sure that this is true, so that would mean that my cell meter in fact may be reading low, thus the over unity reading would be higher than I said. Now I am not claiming over unity across the cell, simply it is a series circuit with one amp meter from the P.C. supply and the other is between the mosfet and the cell in the same path, but its 12 volts dc across the whole circuit. PLEASE LOOK AT THE RESPONCE VIDEO from Germany on Pt 2..

Up Date: Reviewing my video, I notice that the cell voltage and current draw was some what low.

The problem was yes I was using the 12 volt PC power supply wires but the switch of the power supply main input voltage was set at 220v ac instead 110 v ac. I do this from time to time because its give another range of voltage for testing. So my test is still valid just readings were low. Current at resonance should have been 7 amps without cooling and 8 amps with cooling.

Check & double check

This is a re-test of the video "Over Unity or What" where I wanted to be sure I wasn't mislead by my cheap digital meters. On both tests I used three capacitors across the shunts of both types of meters.

1 10 mfd
1 .1 mfd
1 .001 mfd

This allows the meters to see only filtered DC current reguardless of the operating frequency.

There was no change in the reading. You will see that the so called over unity is the same reguardless of using analog or digital meters. It is very important that there is a sharp rise and fall to the square wave.

The next step is to switch from the lab box to my modified David Latwon circuit where I have added a level and DC bias control. I hope to see even better results than before. It that works out, then I will add two more rod circuits in hopes of more current using two more modified Lawton circuits at different resonance frequencies. Beyond that I want to look into replacing the rod and the bi-filiar coil with three "Rodin Coils" driving a copper rod.

People who run their cells at 12 to 14.25 volts have to add many bandaids and the problems are never solved.

lets look at the benefits on three volt operation.

1. Little heat crawl

2. Little amp crawl

3. No cell or electrolyte maintiance

4. Need to refill is less

5. No crud or scrum

6. No foam

7. 60 to 70% less power needed.

8. Smaller gauge wire needed.

9. Safe concentrate of electrolyte.

10. Simple cell design or multi plate dry cell design works along as there are no neutrals


12. Peace of mind
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