HHO resonance Tuning

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See Rosemary Ainslie circuit & aaronmurkakami videos for additiona info....In this video you will see how the resonance circuit is tune for lowest amp. draw from the battery and max. output to the cell with voltage between 2.45 and 3.5 volts DC. Coil design is still on going and I am waiting for new longer ferrite rods to arrived. This circuit now can be replicated by you without any pit falls. You will also see my type 1 cell which uses a special accellerating grid. The final design which you will see in detail in my next video has 2 accellerration grid electrodes. I believe in starting with simple cell design and then fine tunning everything later. The video was not scripted and I mispeak sereral times, sorry about that, I will do better next time. I will supply soon the hard to get parts at a.fair price and maybe a whole kit with tested coil. I also want to try a vortex coil...."see roden Coil" this may allow to get to Meyer's stage one level. Also I want to use the full David Lawton circuit to see if there is more cell drive with less supply current. One correction.. I said see Chapter 9.pdf... I meant to say Chapter 10.pdf Download the 1800 page "Patrick Kelly PDF, don't buy into everything you read, but there is some really great stuff. Don't sit around,.do some even if it fails. Try something even if the PHDs say it can't work. DO DO DO!!!
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