HHO Specific 60Amp PWM & 2 x 19 Plates HHO Dry Cells with 28% KOH.wmv

The PWM used in the video is the one that is out of its aluminum enclosure, just a bare PCB you can see it wired up to the 2 Dry Cells and another PWM, in its enclosure is sitting behind it. *Only the one in front is being used.

It is our new model and it works with 12 and 24 volts. We are still testing it for the 24V.

The PWM used was sent back to us by one of our customers claiming it didn't work. The negative traces on the Board were burnt out. (Damaged grounding circuit)

The only way this can be done is if positive power is applied to the aluminum case, which is "chassis grounded" like most 12 volt car devices. Or, when you put the power wire in to the grounding pin by accident. (These actions short circuit the PWM)

These PWM'S are real easy to wire up and only comon sense i needed.
"Do not connect to car battery till your finnished with the wiring". Just like you would if you were installing an amplifier or stereo to your car.

We fixed it and made a video of it working. It works great. This PWM is 60Amps Rated.

You can put cells which draw over 60 amps like shown in the video and it will automatically retard the amperage to 60Amps and if you set it lower, it will retard lower.

The maximum Amp cells you can use with the PWM are about 100 amps because that is the highest amps the 'hall effect current sensor' can sense.

You cannot connect a 10,000 amps cell and say... Oh my god it didn't control the current.

Controlling 60Amps effectively is not a small thing, before making this unit we bought and tried many other PWM'S and they all failed.

I will upload another video with these 2 Cells working without PWM and you will see the real current they draw.

*****For more details go to our website... www.auto-hydrogen.com

For those that can't see the subtitles clearly in the video you can read them bellow.

2 x 19 Plate HHO Dry Cells (3 Stacks each, 5 Neutrals) +NNNNN-NNNNN+NNNNN-
Cells are using 28% KOH so as not to freeze in Canadian winter
PWM is letting 85% of the power through and is set at 60Amps
(60 amps is Maximum setting for this PWM)We will now set the PWM at 40 amps
We will now set the PWM at 40 amps
Amperage will be retarded slowly
PWM is letting 40-45% of the Power through at 40-43 Amps
Amperage stabilizes to "SET AMPS" after a few seconds
The rest... Fast Forward 4X Speed
Resetting to 30Amps, PWM will not exceed 31Amps
Resetting to 20Amps, PWM will not exceed 21Amps (Only 17% Power is let through)
Will reset PWM to 60Amps,
Absolutely no problem holding the amperage
Back to normal speed so you can hear the Roar of HHO Production
Lighting the gas with a lighter :)
4X Speed again
Resetting to 30Amps from 60Amps is no problem
Hi Power Mosfets only 23 deg C... Didn't even break a sweat
HHO Cells, "dont sweat it" either... Only 36 Deg C

The music used is not ours, it is from royalty free website

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