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HHO system install in Mercedes-Benz 4V 40 Ampere

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this is a system i just finished installing in my daily driver. i had a really nice write-up typed out but youtube had a retart moment and lost it all, and since i'm lazy i'm going to truncate the information.

the cell outputs about just over 1 liter a minute, aroudn 3.8 DCV and 30-35 amperes. after installing this system, i have seen immediate and noticable gains in fuel efficiency.
city driving, i save about 6-8 mpg, highway im saving about 5-6 mpg. the only change in these readings is the installation of the HHO system. thats it.

corection: the system draws about 10-11 amps from the alternator, and drives the cell @ around 40 amps. ampere flow is key to producing hydrogen. whats important to note here is that im only working with 32 square inches of plate area, and keeping excess voltage to a minimum, blasting the cell with almost 35-40 amperes, and still producing over a liter a minute. thats basically three smacks plates, positive in middle, negative on outside. ( P-N-P ) configuration. distilled & KOH electrolyte.....super saturated mixture.

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