High Output Joe Type HHO Cell Makes Structured Water

I added one special tube to my 4 tube HHO cell and tested it with distilled water and KOH electrolyte. The modified design erupted in a huge amount of HHO production that almost looks like someone turned on a hose in the center of the cell.

Just as surprising, the amps are the same as the smaller, 4 tube unit that didn't produce even 1/3 as much HHO.
The new design rapidly produces big bubbles and small bubbles that remain on the surface of the water. The surface of the water gets a big surface tension and the bubbles remain in place 48 hours, so far.

I can only theorize that this is the same phenomenon seen by experimenters with Jcells where, at a certain stage of conditioning, the water becomes structured, high energy water with highly unusual properties.

Further research is needed to measure the output gas and to test the properties of the gas. Will it ignite with a sharp, implosive CRACK! or just ignite with a muffled explosion? Can the gas be mixed with energized cold water fog to burn at a different rate?
Will it run a propane generator?
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I must tell you though, my best discoveries are only revealed to my subscribers....word to the wise LOL.
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