High output, Positive Constant Current PWM

The Green Source CCPWM Advantages:
-Low water indicator
Flashing LCD alarm alerts you when the HHO generator requires servicing

-Flexible installation
CCPWM can be installed in the passenger cabin OR under the hood.

-Advanced safety features
CCPWM automatically turns itself on/off ONLY when the engine is running.

-Built-in AMP meter
No need for an external AMP meter

-LCD display
Allows the user to monitor the status of the HHO system and measured amperage.

-Very high current capacity: 60 amps

-Precision Output
Powerful microprocessor automatically controls an accurate constant current output with precise 0.5 Amp steps.

-Direct battery connection
No relay required, no need to look for ignition switched power supply.

-Flexible connection
CCPWM can power one or two generators. Only one of our PWM controllers is required in larger HHO systems.

-Easy to use
Simple two button interface (Up/Down) to adjust the amperage setting.

-Excellent reliability
-No fans or other moving parts to break down. Proven, field tested design. Professionally manufactured equipment.

-Excellent installation instructions
Professionally written, easy to understand instructions. The manual can be viewed here

CCPWM Specifications:

Compatible with 12 Volt and 24 Volt vehicles
Maximum Load: 60 amps
Physical size: 11 x 6 x 3 cm
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