High-Performance Silicon Carbide-based Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Charger

APEI, Toyota, Cree, Oak Ridge National Labs, the University of Arkansas, and ARPA-e are working to change the face of Plug-In Electric Vehicles. This team has create a silicon carbide based battery charger, which features power capability of over 6 kWs, 95%+ efficiency, and ultra-high power density of 5 kW/L and 3.8 kW/kg. The new Level 2 isolated on-board vehicular battery charger utilizes silicon carbide power devices for application in electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The heart of the charger is APEI's 1 MHz+ high-frequency capable multi-chip power module allowing for 200 °C+ high junction temperature operation which, when coupled with high switching frequency, allows for an order of magnitude increase in power density -- with a simultaneous increase in system efficiency over currently used technologies. This new technology will translate to faster charging times and decreased dependence on fossil-based fuels for the end user.
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