High voltage graphene supercapacitor

10 V electrochemical capacitor with graphene electrodes – it is a new type of capacitor. Much faster than supercapacitors and more energy dense than dielectric capacitors.

The video describes the method published in Journal of Power Sources http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S037877531500169X
Dicyanamide-based ionic liquid electropolymerizes at positive voltages, forming a protective dielectric layer on carbon electrodes. Reduced graphene oxide was used as the electrode material.

Second paper describes similar effect with tetracyanoborate-based ionic liquids. EMImTCB can be used as a safe supercapacitor/battery electrolyte as overvoltage causes passivation of cathode.

A whole new family of nitrile-based dielectric polymers were discovered.

The molecular animation can be accessed here (needs flash)

grafeno supercapacitor alta tensión
alta tensão supercapacitor grafeno
высокое напряжение графен суперконденсаторов
Hochspannungs Superkondensator Graphen
haute tension graphène supercondensateur
alta tensione grafene supercondensatore
Kõrge pingega grafeenist superkondensaator
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