High voltage Joule Thief. Flyback Plasma maker. The most secure form of data deletion.

Joule thief on a flyback. Makerj101 replication. I don't know what the voltage is I'm guessing 5-10,000 volts(ish) [edit: Acording to this chart, I may have up to 30kv. Probably a bit more than 10kv. http://www.kronjaeger.com/hv-old/hv/tbl/measure.html]. Tested a few capacitors. No commercial cap I have tried works at all. Only my home made ones. The cup caps without welding rod stoppers works really well. The ones with metal stoppers remind me of a taser. Sounds like one too. The cameras audio compensation does it no justice. Its quite loud. Made some franklin bells. Ran some SWES stuff. Including lighting a fluro wirelessly. Finally I blow some bits off a CD, First with no cap, then 250pf cup cap, then 2000pf (2nf) leyden jar. Again its really loud, I was talking the whole time and it drowned me out. I'll add a few annotations for those bits. I'll also try to remember to have a Db meter handy next time I film it.n Might make a bigger cup cap too. 1µf could be fun :)

Tried a jacobs ladder, Just got multiple blue/purple strands of plasma. Cant get a single arc from the coat hanger wire I used, I think my plasma is too HV and low temp. Need more amps for Jacobs ladder.

I now have an improved version of this driver. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mh_nwEFxDU
It can run a Jacobs ladder and do a few other things I couldn't with this one. Check my channel page for my latest (And most improved) High Voltage Antics:)
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