High Voltage Joule Thief

Simple circuit to power a 120v Neon Lamp with 2 AAA batteries(2.5v or 3v). (1) toroid, (1) 200 Ohm resistor, neon lamp, 165 turns of 30ga wire, 10 turns of 24ga wire with a center tap at 5 turns to battery positive. Emitter to battery negative. Collector to resistor to primary coil. 2N3904 NPN type transistor

Here is a very nice tutorial of the circuit:

My HV joule thief uses a 200 ohm resistor instead of the one shown at the link below, and the # of turns/wire size of mine is different. Make sure the center tap of the coil goes to the battery positive. The schematic at the link below may not show that correctly.


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