High Voltage Power Line Exp ( free energy & wireless electricity ? )

Experimenters Corner by: Lorrie Matchett.....Did you hear of the farmer that powered his house from under high voltage power lines for free, well it just might be true....In this experiment you will need a vehicle ( a minivan in my case ) to act as receiving antenna that is insulated from the ground...( Important note; make sure you turned your vehicle off when performing this experiment and make sure you have no gas leaks....equals no chance of an accident ) ...The next thing that you will need to complete this experiment is one led light bulb (110-volt a/c ), a multimeter and a grounding rod,.... The black wire that you see coming from my van is connected to one side of the led light bulb....The other end of this led light is the red wire which is connected to a grounding rod and when pushed into the ground it completes the circuit, causing the current to flow....The voltage on my multimeter reads over 700-volt a/c with no load and drops to about 54-volt a/c with the led light bulb in circuit....You really got to be careful when performing this experiment because you can get a nasty shock,,,,Always make sure you are insulated from the ground... Wearing shoes is a must and never do it in the rain because water and electricity can kill.....Please read my disclaimer located on my home channel`s page before performing this experiment....If you decide to do this experiment it is at your own risk....I would suggest you not to because it can be dangerous.....
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