Home Brew Solar Hydrogen / Oxygen Separation Cell Balancing and H2 Storage Techniques


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The first installment of many demonstrating and lecturing about home brew Solar Hydrogen / Oxygen Separation systems. This video includes unique information about maintaining electrolyte level balance, purification of H2 and O2, as well as storage of the gases at low pressure. .

I have spent a number of years researching and experimenting with this technology. The biggest hurdle I have come across is the lack of information on engineering a system yourself and experience with running the systems within the online YouTube community.
I hope to begin the process of educating the public on home built systems which can safely produce, purify, and store H2 and O2 gas to low pressure.

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I try to bring as much information as possible out for free to the online community to advance the technology to the next level. This is not always cheap or easy. if you appreciate the work and openness, donations are always welcome.

Thank you for your support , together we will build a better world...
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