Home-Made Levitron - Levitating Top - Magnetic Gyroscopic "Anti-Gravity" DIY

In my opinion this is the coolest magnetic levitation trick by far - it's the only way that I know of to get a magnet fully levitating over another magnet without using electricity.

Under the 1 kg copper block there are four ferrite ring magnets.

One ferrite ring magnet pull force 10 kg, height = 1,8 cm, outer diameter 11 cm, inner diameter (hole) 4,5 cm. Total height is 7,2 cm

top is around 13 g, height = 3,5 cm, diameter = 2,1 cm

Tips to get it working: When the top is too heavy it doesn't want to lift at all. When the top is too light it flies of right from the start. When the weight seems ok but it flies off all the time from the same spot, it means that you need to raise the angle of ferrite ring magnets right where it flies off. So no bubble level is needed for this like I originally thought. About 2 cm is a good distance to launch the top from the ferrite ring magnets. Getting the weight of the top right and leveling the ring magnets was no walk in the park for me. I think the ferrite ring magnets i used had too narrow hole and therefore made it more difficult Diamagnetic properties of copper helps to stabilize the top at the launch , but copper is optional. At the end there's an informative picture of the top. The norwegian coin is non ferrous.
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