Home Made Wind Turbine Device - How To Make Free Energy Generator Magnet Motor DIY PMA VAWT

All parts of this turbine were fabricated from scratch with MS Plates & finished with lathe machine. Parts detail below:-


Magnet wire size: AWG 14
Turns: 65 turns per coil
No of coils: 9
Connection; Star type connection, 3 of 3 sets for 3 phase
Moulding liquid used; Fiber glass repair kit around 1.8 ltrs
Rotor: Dual (12 magnets each rotor)
Magnet type: Neodymium N42 grade 24 nos.
Metal used: MS & Carbon steel & lathe machine work
3 blades are made with 2mm nylon sheet
Blade dimension: 1 mtr x 10 inch

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Home Made Wind Turbine Vertical Axis VAWT DIY Permanent Magnet PMA How To Make Free Energy Generator Magnet Motor

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