home made wind turbine/generator/motor

www.windchasers.eu, this video is a reply to alot of e-mails that I get, asking me HOW DO I KNOW IF A MOTOR IS GOOD FOR A WIND TURBINE, well this one was free from a skip just took me 3 minutes to undo 2 bolts from an old treadmill, NOW THERE'S LOADS OF SCAMS ON E-BAY, people selling anything as wind turbines, and over rating their motors for sale ,NOW get the knowledge and info for free BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING, visit my website, www.windchasers.eu, join the forum for free, become a member for free and see how you can build a good solid working wind turbine also for free, now isn't that good advice DO IT FOR FREE, I will tell you how FOR FREE.
Too good to believe well see my other videos and come onboard and introduce yourself to the forum members.thank you WINDCHASER
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