Homemade algae with a bioreactor for healthy food or biodiesel or ethanol production


Here's How You Can Quickly and Easily Build an Algae Bioreactor, Anytime, Anywhere, and Start Growing Algae Immediately for Biofuels, Animal Feed and Organic Fertilizer ...Without Paying a Fortune!

I'll show you step-by-illustrated-step how to
build an algae bioreactor no matter how many times you've tried before...

Who Would Benefit From This Book?



Organic gardeners

Bio fuel researchers

Health food enthusiasts





Think about it. The "algae revolution" is upon us. Algae is one of the most powerful breakthroughs of the 21st. century. With algae bioreactor you can "grow your own..."

Organic fertilizer
Animal feed
Health Food Supplements
And much more..(science is only beginning to scratch the surface of this amazing organism.)

A simple algal incubator that cost less than $35, and an hour to build and you can use immediately start growing algae. The best part is, do this correctly and you'll never need to buy another algae culture again! (Page 25)
The best place to buy algae cultures, cheaply and inexpesively. (Page 21)
A test bioreactor that allows you to test 10 different strains, or 10 different variables at once. This one unit can save you YEARS of trial and error (Page 38)
The "Bioreactor Diary" Step-by-step instructions on how to get your PBR up and going.What to do and when to do it! (Page 82)
How to build tubular photobioreactors like the ones you see in the press releases for less than $150! (Page 93)
How to DOUBLE THE CAPACITY of a tubular bioreactor for a fraction of the cost. (PAGE 130)
How to build a "Fence" type bioreactor that goes for tens of $1000's of dollars but you'll build it less than $200. (Page 161)
How to build a 80 gallon home system for less than $225 dollars. (Page 196)
How to build a 150 gallon bioreactor More than enough to satisfy most algae requirements. (Page 227)
Plus, lots more

algae bioreactor All PBR's are scalable and can be built in different sizes

They can be scaled to just about any budget
All are made easily, from materials at hand.
All are made using basic hand tools.
All are inexpensive to reproduce.
All are functional, work, and perform the job they are built for.

In short, they are the real deal.

The best part is, you can build these PBR's yourself for a fraction of the cost.


Easily built using readily available parts.
Easy to take apart and clean.
Can be built with normal household tools.
Can be built in 2-3 days.
Easy to maintain and repair

Table of Contents

Overview of algae and which strains you can use for various products, including...
Algae biodiesel
Health food supplements
Animal feed
Organic fertilizers
Where to buy the algae strains inexpensively.
Illustrated overview of the building process.
How to build a low cost incubator for less than $35
How to scale up your algal incubator
Detailed parts list with photographs
How to start your algae culture
How to build a test PBR
Design notes
Detailed parts list with color photos
Illustrated diagrams
The "PBR Diary"
Step-by-step instructions showing the PBR's in action.
Nutrients I used.
Light regimen
Algae strain
How to build a tubular photobioreactor.
Detailed parts list with color photos.
Step by step building instructions.
20 gallon (75 liter) PBR
Design notes
Detailed parts list with color photos
Step by step building instructions.
Building a "Fence Type" Bioreactor
Design notes
Detailed parts list with color photos.
Step by step building instructions
80 gallon (302 liter) water bottle Bioreactor
Design notes
Detailed parts list and color photos
Step by step building instructions
150 gallon (567 liter) Vertical Bioreactor
Design notes
Detailed parts list and color photos
Step by step building instructions
Resource lists (bonus)
Shopping lists (bonus)
Plus much more..



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