Homemade CD Tesla Turbine

Intro to Engineering Independent Project.

A Tesla turbine is a bladeless turbine that runs on the boundary layer effect. Water is pumped in through the nozzle, grabs the edges of the disks, and causes a high rpm spin to be imparted . The disks are attached via small neodymium magnets to create a single spinning column, and slowing water falls into the center of the cd case. There, holes drilled in the shaft allow for the exit of the water (and reuse, in a more practical design).

The upper part of this design is simply a plastic tub with a cd stack magnetically coupled to the magnets inside the turbine. This allows for the spinning of the disks to translate into useful energy. In this case, I just poured some water in the tub and showed the vortex it would create when spinning.

Credit goes to this tutorial for helping me walk through the process of creating my very own turbine: http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-an-Amazing-Tesla-CD-Turbine/
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