Homemade DIY PVC Wind Turbine Generator Running

Here you see a Wind Turbine Generator, with blades made using PVC pipe which powering a small DC generator.

In order to build your own wind turbine,

1)Take a PVC pipe, 5inch diameter and 2-3feet length.
2)Cut the pipe into two halfs through the diameter
3)Now you get two U-sections
4)Then take one half and mark diagonally through the length and do the same for the other half
5)Cut through the marks of pipe using a hand saw cutter or hacksaw
6)Now you get four blades
7)Keep three blades and make drills for bolts in the bigger corner
8)Use a round steel plate or wood to mount the blades separated 120 degrees
9)Connect a shaft through the cente of the round plate and mount in a hub with bearings
10)Fix the entire set-up over a base and attach a vertical supporting pipe
11)The wind turbine is now ready
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