Homemade ferrofluid 6

This is a new batch of ferrofluid I managed to make and now I have 270ml of it.I will sell it with 100USD for 50ml if somebody wants.Remember, this is not some ferrofluid that barely spikes and with high viscosity that you can buy on ebay.This is verry fluid and spikes easily even with the weakest magnet.It's based on petroleum and not oil.
No real ferrofluid can be made with printer toner and oil like some say on youtube.Anybody who claim that or say that has no ideea what are they talking about.Ferrofluids are made of nanoparticles (maximum 30nm) of magnetic materials and ultrastable suspensions.Stabilisation is obtained by coating EVERY particle in a surfactant wether is stearic(with oleic acid) in nonpolar liquids(as petroleum) such this one you see on video or electrostatic for the polar liquids(as water based ferrofluids).Fluids obtained with printer toner in oil are the most magnetorheological and stability is verry low compared with ferrofluids.
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