Homemade Ferrofluid Displays - UV Green & Blue

Ferrofluid Skull Displays Ultraviolet Green & Blue.
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Homemade UV Ferrofluid Crystal Head Skull Displays.
Ferrofluid UV Invisible Blue,
Ferrofluid UV Green.
How To Blue: https://youtu.be/hFzL0k77sCc?list=PL5bXe_lvrKgZ7TFP6_REM3UOLTLncjm8i.
How Not To Green: https://youtu.be/zedX6zTCvpw?list=PL5bXe_lvrKgaMG6syJ5_QLzhKfpqy8vwB.

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Ferrofluid Crystal Head Vodka mini,
Ferrofluid Crystal Head Vodka mini 50ml Skull Bottle,
Ferrofluid Crystal Head Vodka mini Skull,

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