homemade VAWT vertical axis wind turbine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtVchulnpbo&hd=1innovative homemade vawt makes use of coanda effect. The vane in combination with a winddeflector elaminates adverse winds.
Till now energy is burnt in heater element, fitted in a central heating expansion tank. This project is the result of hundreds
of experiments on small scale.Windturbine homemade. Generator homemade.48 magnets in a double row. 18 coils ,This turbine is easy to make. The blades/wings are
made of pieces of floormate glued together and covered wit 3mm. vinyl.Shape NACA 0020 The tower can be lifted/lowered by making use of a chain winch.
This vawt is completely soundless. Birdsave. Lightweight.Look also to update

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