Homopolar Motor With Five Speed Manual Stick-Shift

The World's Simplest Motor mated to the World's Simplest 5-Speed Shifter.

Watch me assemble a 5-speed manual shift homopolar motor...and go through the gears!

This homopolar motor uses a neodymium magnet, a battery and a conductor. It works similar to the 150-year old electric homopolar motor invented by Michael Faraday, and works by the principle of the Lorentz force, discovered after Faraday died.

The Lorenz force law states that a charge moving in a uniform magnetic field experiences a force at right angles to both the field and the direction of the current flow.

For Homopolar Motor Kits, with 3 magnets and 6 feet of copper wire, order from the good folks at the American Stirling Engine website: http://www.stirlingengine.com/ecommerce/product.tcl?usca_p=t&product_id=93

Mrfixitrick buys neodymium magnets at K&J Magnetics:

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Keshe Foundation Intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrN99RELqwo

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