How Combined Heat & Power (CHP) works in the UK

Generate your own power locally, capture waste heat and take control of your energy bills

Finning, in conjunction with The Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE), have launched a video highlighting how businesses and public sector organisations are benefiting through using Combined Heat & Power (CHP).

The new animated video shows how Center Parcs, the London Fire Brigade, Rotherham Hospital, care homes and a rural household are saving money and reducing their carbon emissions by generating their heat and power locally with CHP.

Finning specified, installed and maintain the CHP system at Rotherham Hospital, where heat produced as a by-product is fed back in to the hospital's existing heating system.

As the sole Cat® dealer in the UK and Ireland, Finning are experienced in delivering CHP solutions, from design and procurement through to build, installation and ongoing maintenance.
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