How Does a Biogas Plant Work?

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How does a biogas plant work? - is explained in this animated whiteboard video

The basic principle is quite simple. Renewable input (feed) materials (know as substrate) from farming, animal manures and waste materials from the food and agricultural industry sectors serve as input materials.

A biogas plant comprises of a biogas digester where the organic waste (substrate) decomposes (ferments) and emits biogas. To do this the organic waste is collected and allowed to decompose with the use of bacteria, at a raised temperature. The biogas produced is nothing but methane and carbon dioxide, with some impurities.

This process (known as anaerobic digestion) is one of the least expensive and effective ways to produce energy that can be used for electrical power generation, or burnt directly for cooking and lighting. A very useful by-product is digestate, which can be used as a very valuable organic manure which is used in agriculture. A high standard of process control is needed to ensure an optimal fermentation with a maximum output of biogas from the incoming substrates.

This animation explains how a biogas plant works throughout the biogas production process, using a flow chart by Weltec Biopower. http://www.weltec-biopower.com/How-does-a-biogas-plant-work.1080.0.html

While viewing it, the viewer is shown the biogas plant throughout the process from the delivery of feedstock to the output of the digestate, and the products from electricity to the grid, to CHP. This biogas film is useful for everyone, who would like to to know about commercial biogas disgesters.

The variety of economic and ecological benefits a waste fed biogas plant affords are wide and plentiful. Many farmers set up biogas plants as a further source of income. Utilising renewable raw materials and other agricultural products contributes to the value creation potential of this technology. Anaerobic digestion is increasing and helping nations to set up an efficient recycling economy.

This biogas film should be useful for everyone, who would like to understand what a biogas plant is and how it works. If you are farmer, energy provider or disposer you may find this video useful. Furthermore, this biogas video can be excellent for school lessons and university students.

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