How To Boost log burner-wood stove efficiency Improve Smokeless Gasification Secondary Combustion

Part 1 of 2 My old log burner / Boiler has been Improved beyond all expectations to match the efficiency of modern stoves! It cost less than £60 to bring this boilers performance up to match most new stoves with secondary combustion.
Part 2: https://youtu.be/7z3QfxOCF5I
Many older Log burners were built to last a lifetime. These are being replaced because they are inefficient and emit too much smoke.

Before you throw out your old log burner, watch how I improved the efficiency and combustion in an old Franko Belge Lorraine multifuel stove from being one of the most inefficient to one of the most efficient burners and achieved by installing two very simple modifications, which with a little thought can be adapted to most of these old faithful legends.

Before the modifications, our chimney used to collect creosote and required regular cleaning to remove it. Now that same creosote is burned in the fire box along with free timber collected during the year.
In fact, Leylandii, which would normally blacken the glass and cote the inside of the log burner with thick black tar like creosote residues now burns as cleanly as any other wood.

We have plenty of free hot water and our home is heated burning scrap wood, mostly pine and if we are lucky some hard woods.
One problem, is that if coal is added it get's very hot, even with all radiators on and hot water tank, well over 400 degrees c Even to the point where it was kettling the water and we had to leave fire doors open to let heat out. So moderation when using coal and also clean stainless perforated tube with brush each day, to keep holes free of ash.
Our gas bill for the winter quarter is now a staggering £15.00 Yes you read that right. By opting for a non-standing charge tariff we have not only virtually eliminated our heating bill, but we now have an almost smoke free combustion in our wood burner.
No more creosote and less chimney sweeping.
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