How To Build A Simple Cheap Metal Foundry & Forge

Inspired by Grant Thomas "The King Of Random" my friend Xaqaria & I decided to build our own larger metal foundry & forge for melting & forming aluminum soda cans into anything we want.

WARNING: Charcoal foundries can reach temperatures in excess of 1,000ºC, which is well above the melting point of hobbyists. This project should only be attempted with adequate knowledge and training, proper protective safety gear, and in a fire resistant area with adequate ventilation. If the galvanized bucket reaches extreme temps it can give off toxic case so make sure your thermal barrier is sufficient. Also I don't recommend hand mixing Plaster of Paris, turns out the stuff is pretty toxic and can cause burns. Use a stick or mixer to avoid problems. I personally didn't encounter problems but I've been told my many to use caution. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

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▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) Can this thing give off toxic fumes?
A) Yes, you need to be careful and in a well ventilated area. The most dangerous fumes can come from the galvanized bucket if it reaches temps great than 900°F. The forge in this video never got hotter then 200°F on the exterior.

Q) Can I make a bigger one to heat swords and blades?
A) Yes, if you can find a bigger set of buckets you could make this thing use a whole bag of charcoal. Just remember to keep track of the temp and not to let it get 'too hot'.

Q) How much charcoal did you burn?
A) We went through a large bag and ran the thing for probably 4+ hours. Enough time to probably melt a thousand pop cans. It's actually not that expensive to run. I want to investigate a propane version of this same concept next to see if it's more efficient and easier to temp control.

Q) Grant Thomas already did this, why did you do it?
A) I always see projects online and wanted to see how hard it really is to create and also make a larger version. Turns out Grant was right on the money and the project works exactly as advertised. Go subscribe to his channel!

Q) It's a foundry and not a forge!!!
A) Actually it's both, I can use it to smelt metal or heat and form metal like knives. If you made a bigger version you could even work with swords (we might do this!)

Q) That steak was disgusting, why did you do that?
A) Just for lolz, and the steak was gross. That being said if we had wrapped it in aluminum foil first it would have been amazing! (if the foil didn't melt) :D

Q) You told us to wrap steak in aluminum foil and put it on an aluminum forge? Won't it just melt?
A) The temps on top of the forge vs. in the coals are dramatically different. You're not going to melt aluminum on the venting heat.

Q) Just so you know. It is illegal in every state to discharge a fire extinguisher unless used to put out or control a fire or used in demonstration. It's also illegal to modify one. Not that i care. But somebody watching this video might. So be careful putting stuff like that on camera. Don't want any legal trouble over a simple science project.
A) It was for a demonstration & the fire extinguisher was expired. We didn't modify the fire extinguisher, we destroyed it since it was expired so no laws were broken here.

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