How to build a Solar Panel $1 A WATT DIY SOLAR PANEL Part 6 humidity water solar test Buster

For DIY homemade solar panels, back encapsulation is the best option in my opinion. The advantage is, no need for expensive silicone encapsulants. The back encapsulation prevents much of the resin from UV exposure. These are dew safe water tight 100%

The humidity is as bad as it can get where we live. If they do not get wet here, they are safe anywhere.

Buster was about 3 years old when he wandered in the veterinarian's office in early 1995 while our dog Sweetie was getting her yearly shots. We took him home:-)
16 great years.
If not for the rare lymp cancer that started 5 months ago, he would have lived a few more years. He passed away while I was filming the foggy camera section of this video.
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