How to convert a small gasoline engine to Natural Gas or Propane.


In this video I converted an 14 year old gasoline engine to run on natural gas. The engine had not run for over 6 years and the carburetor was completely ruined as a result of ethanol gasoline.


The statements about Obama in this video are about his refusal to repeal the stupid 2007 Clean Air Act passed in 2007 by the Democratic controlled congress and singed into law by that moderate turncoat George Bush. The Clean Air Act of 2007 mandated an annual increasing use of ethanol to be mixed with gasoline. In spite of an abundance of scientific evidence proving that the use of ethanol is more harmful to the environment then using plain gasoline, the facts that this law has led to massive deforestation to make more land for corn crops, has caused detrimental food price increases on struggling Americans and food shortages around the world, and is actually very harmful to small engines and older vehicles, Obama continues to cave to the brainless environmentalist and greedy corn lobby and refuses to repeal this harmful legislation.


I want to make it clear here that this video is intended to show a very simple way to convert a gasoline engine to natural gas. This method, while effective, is not the best way to do this and provides no safety mechanism in case of a fault. Consider this method as a temporary method only to be used in an emergency situation. As this method provides no safety switch to shut off the gas flow in case of motor stoppage, I recommend that this method only be use in an outdoor environment and with continuous supervision.

This method will only work for gasoline engines that run at a constant speed, such as generators or lawn mowers. In the case of generators, that do run at a constant speed but require more fuel under heavier loads, you may have to adjust the gas flow to where the engine is running a little rich (too much gas) while idling so that there will be enough gas to compensate for the increased demand when the generator is placed under a load.

1. This method is to be used only by old fashion true rugged individualist Americans that still have some common sense and believe in personal responsibility. Americans that understand that you are responsibly for taking care of yourself and making wise choices and that if you blow yourself or your house up while doing something, that it is your fault and not someone else's fault.

2.This method is not to be used by this new breed of fake Americans that believe that it is everyone else's responsibility to protect them from getting hurt or hurting themselves and that if they get hurt while choosing to do something of their own free will, that someone has to compensate them for it. Fake Americans like those that believe that if they choose, of their own free will, to play football and end up with brain damage that they have the right to millions of dollars because nobody told them that getting body slammed by 300lb linebacker and getting knocked senseless over and over again hundreds of times might have some lasting mental effects. If you are one of these fake Americans that thinks this way, please for the love of Pete, do not follow this video!

The Bottom Line.
This method works but provides no safety mechanisms. I use it and have never hurt myself or anyone else. Use at your own risk! Use your own brain and common sense if you choose to use this method. Natural Gas is highly explosive and very dangerous. If you blow yourself up please act like a true American and take responsibility for your own actions and do not call me.
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