How to cut denim insulation | Bullet Tools Magnum Shut N Cut

How to cut denim insulation the fast and clean way. Before your next insulation job check out the Magnum Shut-N-Cut

Easily cut denim insulation, fiberglass insulation, mineral wool, foam insulation, and more! The new Magnum Shut-N-Cut saves you time and money. By compressing and clamping insulation batts, the Shut-N-Cut makes cutting insulation incredibly quick and easy.

This revolutionary batt insulation cutter provides a fast, dust-free solution for cutting nearly all types of insulation including hard-to-cut products such as Denim and Polyethylene. It features an oversized clamp that firmly holds the insulation in place and compresses it by 80% while an easy, accurate cut is made with the specially designed EZ™ Insulation Knife that comes with it.
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