HOW TO DIY ceiling fan wind generator for my bamboo house - Philippines. neodinium magnets

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this video is a diy project how to make a windmill generator from a old ceiling fan using neodinium magnets.i use it to charge my battery bank into my bamboo house in the Philippines when there is no power. 30euro for the magnets ,the epoxy was given from a friend,and i f u go cdr-king store u can buy 100watt solar panel for about 3000php,the pure sine inverter is about 5600php,charge controller cost 1000 php ,and u need 1 deepcicle battery cost around 5500php,also i instal all my lights on 12v,so when no power i already put my solar system on test .....i mean i used frigerator ,flatscreen tv , the box for signal tv ,my 3 x12v ligts from 12 noon untill 11pm and still there was no problem ,than i went to sleep lol btw thanks for watching.soon there will be a update from my bamboo house .....part 2 enjoy
this is my simple solar setup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSAay-sbIqc

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