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How to drain a water heater

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See step-by-step instructions below. For more info contact
CRC Plumbing at (805) 432-3373 or at charles@crcplumbingthousandoaks.com

Step 1: Disconnect recirculation pump (if you have one).

Step 2: Turn gas to "pilot" setting. (Or, if you have an electric water heater, unplug it).

Step 3: Turn off water supply.

Step 4: Connect hose.

Step 5: Put hose outside and in bucket. (The bucket will overflow.)

Step 6: Open valve on the bottom of tank to release water.

Step 7: Let air into the tank by opening the pressure release valve or one of the inlets on the top of the tank.

Step 8: Let the tank drain. (CAUTION: The water coming out of the hose will be hot!)

Step 9: Close the pressure release valve (if that's what you used to let air into your tank), or close the inlet on the top of the tank.

Step 10: Flush the tank by turning on the water valve and letting it run for about five minutes.

Step 11: Close the valve at the bottom of the tank so water can no longer run out.

Step 12: Disconnect your hose.

Step 13: Open hot water faucets in the house (including tub and shower) to let the air escape from the system.

Step 14: Reconnect the recirculation pump (if you have one).

Step 15: Turn the gas from "pilot" to "on." (Or, if you have an electric water heater, plug it in.)

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