How to Make a Battery / Capacitor Electrode

How to Make a Battery / Capacitor Electrode (The Basic)!

For making the electrode you need three main components:
- Material for capacity 80% (Activated Carbon, Carbon Black, Silicone,...)
- Material for conductivity 10-15% (Graphite, Graphene, Intercalated graphite,...)
- Binder 5-10% (PVA, PVDF, PTFE, Polyaniline,...)

Some comparison of the capacity of the materials!
Capacity of Graphite: 372 mAh/g
Capacity of Silicon: 3579 mAh/g

The Polyaniline (PANI) is conductive polymer and you can use like a binder for the electrode. The Polyaniline can increase the performance of the battery or capacitor.

Don't forget to PRESS THE ELECTRODE!!!

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