How to Make a DIY Indoor Living Plant Wall | Eye on Design

This episode of We Spy Style: Eye on Design is all about jungalow style, where cozy indoors meet lush outdoors. Watch the video above to see how Justina creates a vibrant living wall by combining color, pattern, and texture and only using materials from Lowe's. Check out these hanging instructions before getting started.

Here's what you'll need:
Hardwood underlayment plywood 1/4 cat
Whitewood board (common: 1"x 4"x 8')
Top choice kilm-dried whitewood softwood board (common: 1"x 6"x 10')
6mil clear consumer sheeting
Arrow fastener .375-in manual staple gun
Arrow fastener 1,2500-count .25-in T50 staples
Bostitch 1000-Count 1.5-in finishing pneumatic nails
Miracle-Gro 25-quart potting soil
RevolutionPly hardwood plywood (1/4-in x 4-ft x 8-ft)
1.25-quart anthurium
14-ounce bromeliads
Plants (Recommended: Peace Lily, Ivy, Anthurium, Zebra Plant and Green Pothos)
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